Conservation Commitment

With a commitment to the continued conservation and educational objectives of the Foundation, the Conservation Committee conducts Natural Heritage Inventory study that involves flora, fauna and ecological community surveys.

Heritage & Legacy

The Foundation is named after two wonderful pioneer women who strived to preserve the land they loved in its natural state.

Mabel (Billie) Hart Brook

Mabel (Billie) Hart Brook, a native of the area, contributed tirelessly to the local community. Raised close to the present Billie Bear Resort site on Bella Lake, Mabel ran Camp Billie Bear from 1905 to 1945. A high spirited and legendary figure in the Algonquin Highlands, Billie was selfless, friendly and a benefactor to many!

Marion Higgins Hill

Marion Higgins Hill spent many teenage summers in the area. In 1922, she visited the new Limberlost bungalow camp on Lake Solitaire, married owner Gordon Hill and ran Limberlost Lodge for many years. An adventurous, enthusiastic and dedicated naturalist, Marion's dream was to someday turn over her Bella Lake property to field naturalists who shared her enjoyment and study of the area.