John Ellis


Dick Merritt


Past Presidents

1968-1968      Sanford Thompson*
1968-1670      Frank Hull
1970-1974      Don Ellis
1974-1977       Graham Atkin
1977-1980      John Broadbent
1980-1984     Bud Allport
1984-1987      John Perry
1987-1990     Geoff Julian

2018/2019 Executive Committee

Board of Directors

Gerry Atkin
Nick Baker
Rita Bloem
Peter Dowsett
Heather Dyer
John Ellis
Jamie Gerson
Catherine Greven
John Housser
Christine Jany

Advisory Council

Larry Greenwood

Linda Housser

​Bob Hutcheson

Rita Bloem


Glen Warnica


*Sanford Thompson acted as chairman of the Board from 1968 to 1974.

Gerry Atkin

 Past President

Revenue Canada has designated the Foundation as a Charitable Organization for Income Tax purposes within the provisions of the Income Tax Act.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors and it's Executive. Directors are elected at an Annual General Meeting in July by present and proxy membership. Currently, there are approximately over 240 Foundation members.

In 1985, the Board of Directors established an Advisory Council of senior directors who had served for a minimum of ten years or who had been a Past President. Advisory Council members serve for life, or until they resign. The President of the Bella-Rebecca Community Association serves
as an ex-official Director during his/her term in office.

John Kimmel
Brian Markham
Dick Merritt
Carolyn Paterson
Daphne Perry
Dennis Schettler
John Tideman
Marlene Walker
Glen Warnica


1990-1993      David Burgess
1993-1996      Robert Hutcheson
1996-1996      John Ross
1997-1998      Mary Dyer
1998-2003     Daphne Perry
2003-2006    Nick Baker
2007-2008    Christine Jany
2009-2012     Larry Greenwood

2012-2015      Richard Hogg

Standing Committees

50th Celebration Committee: Nick Baker (Chair)

Conservation Committee: Christine Jany (Chair), Carolyn Paterson

​Property Maintenance Committee: Glen Warnica, John Ellis

​Nominating Committee: Christine Jany