The Property

Today, when natural forests are rapidly disappearing

and shorelines are constantly being developed, a place

where one can walk over bush trails, or along a quiet

beach without trespassing on private property is

invaluable! The Foundation property consists of 448

acres of land with 3100 feet of beautiful beach shoreline

on Bella Lake and 300 feet of shoreline on Heck Lake.

We are fortunate in having the Antioch Conservation

Area for the use of Foundation members, cottagers,

visitors and the general public.

There are a variety of events held every year at the Foundation Beach, such as the Bella Rebecca Community Association's Regatta and the annual Corn Roast. An increasing number of families use the Foundation Beach and surrounding property each year.

Dedicated Foundation and cottage volunteers conduct weekly beach clean-up and maintenance services.

The property is open to the public under rules established in the Charter and by the Board of Directors. A picnic table and an outdoor toilet are provided. Overnight camping, hunting, tree removal and open fires are not permitted.

Note: Visitors are requested to take their garbage home.


                                                                An area adjacent to the Billie Bear Road (approx. 1km west of                                                                     Billie Bear Resort). A walking trail extends from the road to the                                                                 beach (5 min).

                                                                In operation for over 40 years, this conservation area has been                                                                   preserved, maintained and enjoyed by members and nature                                                                         lovers who work hard to carry on the original mandate.